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In today’s data-driven world, expectations and challenges are at levels not seen before by government agencies. Being data-driven is no longer an aspiration; it’s a necessity.  
Decision Intelligence is the key to unifying data and improving mission-critical decision-making to drive better services and solve real-world problems. 

Discover why Government Agencies Need Decision Intelligence

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 You will learn more about:

  • The challenges public sector agencies face
  • Key questions government technology leaders should be asking
  • How to streamline decision-making through automation
  • Where public sector agencies can put Decision
    Intelligence to work right now
  • Real-world examples
  • What to look for in Decision Intelligence Provider and more!


Quantexa's Decision Intelligence
A platform to solve real-world problems

Decision Intelligence (DI) platform is a new generation of software designed to automate or augment decisions – empowering operational teams to make faster, more accurate strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.
The platform connects billions of data points across internal and external data sources to provide a single view hub enriched with vital intelligence about the network of relationships between people, organizations and places. Enabling public and private organizations to make better decisions using context and reach their full potential. 

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The future of the public sector
is built on data-driven capabilities

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) platform empowers public sector agencies
to use their massive databases more efficiently


Low-Code Data Fusion 

Use Quantexa fusion to rapidly accelerate complex data onboarding with no-code, scalable, high performance preparation and ingestion - and no complex ETL


Dynamic Entity Resolution
Connect internal and external data to create a single, complete view. Ingest once and resolve dynamically in real-time or in batch, for any number of use cases, without duplication


Graph Analytics
Create a dynamic view of the bigger picture, automatically compiling the most relevant and hidden connections, entities, and data for a specific decision


Scoring & Alerting Frameworks
Generate more meaningful alerts with context for investigators based on scoring models that run in real-time, resulting in less false positives and faster, trusted decisions


The Cabinet Office has leveraged Quantexa’s DI platform to help the UK Government detect fraud in the COVID-19 loan schemes and assist in the fight against financial crime 

Developed to solve
real-world problems

We are passionate about helping public sector agencies solve real-world problems 

  • Protect revenues and payments: find fraud and risk 
  • Aid compliance: detect risk, drive campaigns & investigate 
  • Render value from data: use all available data & analytics in your decisions 
  • Build efficient operations: automate decisions & more productive staff 
  • Create a human-centric experience: enable digital from across legacy IT  

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Quantexa is a data and analytics software company pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence that empowers organizations to make better operational decisions by making data meaningful. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s modular platform uncovers hidden risks and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place.

It solves major challenges across financial crime, customer intelligence, credit risk, fraud and throughout the customer lifecycle.