Decision Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions for Government Agencies

Quantexa is a UK-based scale-up specialising in data for good, our technology is trusted by the likes of HSBC, NatWest, and the Cabinet Office to identify fraud, fight financial crime, and stop illicit trade with an enterprise-grade solution. 

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UK Government to fight financial crime using Quantexa

The Cabinet Office has selected Quantexa’s pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) technology to help the UK Government detect fraud in the COVID-19 loan schemes and assist in the fight against financial crime.

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For tax authorities, healthcare, customs agencies, border control and fraud:

World-leading Entity Resolutions and Network Generation provide a solid foundation for effective analytics and investigations, driving up productivity and efficiency across teams. Open architecture enables DWP to migrate legacy applications and data as well as make the best use of the latest emerging technology and innovations. Allowing you to scale to over 66 billion records. Our technology delivers unrivalled accuracy with a 90% hit rate to reduce false positives and performance in entity resolution


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Organized fraud with fraudsters using a range of strategies to hide their true identities, operating under multiple names, locations, corporate entities, accounts, networks, etc. and using other tactics.

Data quality issues making the process of confirming identities and finding connections tedious, time-consuming, and yielding many false positives, false negatives, or poor results.

Limited resources in terms of time, people, tools, and budget, but high expectations and aggressive goals for your operational results.

Efficiency challenges with too much reliance on manual decision-making and analysis, outdated technology, or single data source matching, which don’t meet today’s demands for scale or speed.

Why Use Quantexa?



Reduce fraud losses

Improve detection rates to flag illicit activity before the money is lost.



Identify new risks

Track emerging trends and stay ahead of emergent typologies.



Dedicate more time to real fraud

Identify and concentrate on high-risk issues rather than false positives.



Enrich investigations with context

Gather everything you know about an individual or business, from shared identities to bank accounts and transactions.



Reveal hidden & subtle activities

Draw on a wider network instead of looking at isolated events to better understand risk.



Reduce false positives

Discount explainable signals to allow investigators to focus on high-risk issues.


Safeguard the welfare system with an enterprise grade user interface​

  • Ability to quickly ingest new data from many sources and add these to investigations dynamically
  • Intuitive user interface designed by investigations experts from leading industries​
  • Powerful collaboration tools to share, clone, segment and merge investigations
  • Fully interactive chart layout with the ability to expand networks in real time
  • Unified search capability to find records from all sources in a single search
  • Flexible export and integration options allows you to work with Quantexa outputs in other systems
  • Temporal and Geospatial features enable investigators to quickly make sense of complex data


Developed for data analytics in mind

Quantexa Assess allows data scientists to deploy analytics from any standard open-source library. Allowing users to easily access Entities, Networks (LiteGraphs), and Scoring from Python in convenient, familiar formats including Pandas and NetworkX. The scoring framework enables complex network and entity-based detection logic, with scores working as business rules, triggers or ML features. 

This includes a suite of intuitive visualization, testing, and troubleshooting tools to empower data scientists to build and maintain their own models with ease. Enabling users to write a score once and run on 2 distinct architectures to support both batch runs and real-time dynamic scoring.


Security and Audit Compliance

Comprehensive audit capabilities with integration into industry standard logging platforms​. A unique granular security model enables user-specific control of data down to field level​. Role-based access controls with integration to enterprise authentication solutions​. Our technology gives the ability to securely segment, share and collaborate on complex investigations.