Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies 

Google Cloud and Quantexa are re-inventing how insurance organizations gain meaningful value from data. Our clients see faster, more accurate data-driven decisions throughout the enterprise.

The Results:

  • 70% improved decision accuracy
  • 30x faster operational decisions
  • Operating ratio reductions of 1-3%. 
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In this report, you’ll learn:

- How to gain a single, connected view of all data 
- Increase the accuracy and speed of all new claim notification decisions
- Detect and investigate fraud and financial crime faster and more accurately
- Ensure fast, simple deployment and integration with existing systems

Make the right decision with the right data

When insurers have confidence through the right data and context, they can better protect against fraud risk and focus on growing their business—using a deeper customer understanding to limit customer churn, optimize pricing based on customer behavior, and discover cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Unleash the power of Decision Intelligence and change the way
you make decisions across the entire customer journey with Google Cloud and Quantexa. Experience greater data visibility in one place, with proactive and intelligent, real-time decisions for greater business value.

Learn about Quantexa’s insurance solutions and discover more Google Cloud and Quantexa resources to enable your digital transformation