Combating Fraud Through Digital Transformation in Government  

Google Cloud and Quantexa are re-inventing how government agencies gain meaningful value from data to detect fraud. Agencies see faster, more accurate data-driven decisions throughout the organization.

The Results:

  • Reduction in the ratio of false positives, enabling up to a 90% hit rate where nine out of every 10 alerted cases result in fraud being found.
  • Capture the early results of fraud investigations, fine-tune the detection in real time
  • A 300% increase in investigative efficiency 
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Deliver a connected data view across multiple use cases:

- Tax authorities: Increase collections, prevent fraudulent refunds, identify VAT fraud, tax evasion
- Customs agencies: Improve compliance, risk management, and trade-based money laundering
- Border control: Confirm true identities, prevent the entry of high-risk individuals
- Fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) investigation: Proactively identify and prevent fraud, increase efficiency, reduce COVID-19 fraud
- Financial crime investigation: Identify and close high-priority cases, improve investigator efficiency

Make the right decisions with the right data.

Quantexa’s secure and usable data output helps the public sector foster transparency, improve reliability, and enable faster and more informed decisions to create more efficient and safer communities around the world.

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