Digital Transformation in Banking 

Google Cloud and Quantexa are re-inventing how banks gain meaningful value from data to deliver more efficient and effective compliance programs. Our clients see faster, more accurate data-driven decisions throughout the enterprise.

The Results:

  • More effective investigation outcomes
  • Reduced investigation times by more than 50%
  • Improved visibility into new threats
  • Cost-effective scale and reduced storage costs
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In this report, you’ll learn how to:

- Get a connected view of your data for multiple use cases, including, Financial crime, Know your customer (KYC), Counter fraud, Customer Intelligence, Contextual master data
management (MDM), Credit risk, Money laundering

- Reduce investigation time with the highest percentage increase in the capacity of investigators

- Increase the effectiveness of investigations to uncover hidden risks and ensure nothing is missed

Make the right decisions with the right data.

Quantexa’s platform is trusted by leading banks, fintech and regulators in the fight against fraud and financial crime, protecting data privacy, and upholding regulatory compliance—enabled by the latest advancements in AI to inform digital transformation and more confident decision-making for increased resilience. 

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