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Make the right decisions with the right data.

When telecom organizations have confidence through the right data and context, they can better uncover revenue opportunities, improve customer retention, lower customer acquisitions costs, reduce regulatory risk, and combat fraud.


Discover how telecoms can benefit from putting their data to work.

As the exponential growth of data from value-added services, new 5G use cases, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues, the opportunity to monetize your most plentiful resource has never been greater.



How telecom organizations are unlocking new revenue opportunities through digital transformation

Given the data landscape, there are inevitable challenges for telecommunication providers:

1. Data is not connected enough. In many cases, it’s distributed across a plethora of business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS).

2. Data is hosted across a multitude of platforms,
from SaaS to on-premise.

3. Data quality remains an issue. Even when data is stored in an Enterprise Data Warehouse, very often, considerable time is still required to turn data into actionable insights.

Download this eBook to learn how Decision Intelligence can help solves these challenges.

Forward-thinking organizations are using decision intelligence to fuel the global economy and provide services that underpin our way of life.

Unify your data and transform decision making.

Introducing Quantexa's Decision Intelligence Platform



Integrate any source at scale to build a trusted data foundation

  • Multi-source data ingestion
  • Scalable data preparation
  • Assured data quality


Create Context

Activate your data, reveal relationships and insights, create stronger models

  • Entity resolution
  • Graph analytics
  • Machine learning models


Collaborate & Decide

Augment and automate decision making for actionable insights

  • Scoring and alerting
  • Data exploration
  • Dedicated decisioning

An enterprise wide platform for multiple teams and applications.

On Prem | Cloud | Interoperable | Secure

Structured and Unstructured Data

See how Decision Intelligence can work for you.

resolution accuracy
records in a single project


average rate of deduplication of records



Enterprises and government agencies have used Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform to unify over 1T siloed data records.

Learn how industry leaders including HSBC, Allianz, Vodafone, the UK Cabinet Office, and more from banking, insurance, telecommunications, and the public sector are using Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform to protect, grow, and optimize their organizations.


 The use of AI in Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform is a step change in understanding our customers and is key for our strategic focus on best-in-class customer experience

Miryem Salah - UK Chief Data Officer


What would have taken us manually probably six or seven weeks with some attendant risks to error in identification, we were able to execute literally in a matter of hours using the Quantexa Decision Intelligence platform with much greater confidence. 

David Howes - Global Co-head of Financial Crime Compliance




Decision Intelligence for Additional Industries

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Solve problems beyond a single transaction. Quantexa helps banks fight fraud and financial crime, protecting data privacy, and upholding regulatory compliance.

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Better protect against fraud, risk, and focus on growing your business. Use a deeper customer understanding to limit churn, optimize pricing, and discover cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

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Public Sector

Create safer communities by effectively detecting and preventing fraudulent acts, securing borders, preventing terrorist threats, and mitigating other risks.

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