Quantexa named Category Leader in Chartis RiskTech Quadrant and vendor capabilities for KYC solutions, 2022 report.

The 2022 Chartis RiskTech report independently evaluated Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence platform for KYC, and has recognized Quantexa as a category leader for completeness of our enterprise solution as well as market potential.

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence platform was rated “best in class” for KYC risk scoring and customer profile enrichment with additional data and received advanced ranking for customer onboarding and reporting, and dashboarding.

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Contextual KYC with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

Customer relationships with financial institutions are often complex and evolving. Continuously changing customer behaviors and regulatory scrutiny make identifying and mitigating risk on a recurring basis critical. Traditional KYC processes can be manual, error-prone, and result in a poor experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform for Contextual KYC transforms the approach to KYC by adding context and clarity from onboarding to exit, dynamically monitoring, and assessing customer risk and opportunity, shifting away from manual periodic reviews to an automated, proactive process to:

  • Create a unique, holistic view of customers, counterparties, and their behaviors

  • Simplify the analysis of complex relationships to uncover hidden connections

  • Detect true risk automatically and more accurately with little manual intervention 

  • Understand your customers perpetually throughout their life cycle 

  • Reduce customer friction from onboarding and beyond


Company Ownership Records Ingested


Profile Enrichment


KYC Fields Automatically Populated


Less False Positives of Customer Name Screening Alerts

Use Context to simplify complex relationships, reduce inefficiencies, and facilitate a continuous, realistic understanding of risk through perpetual monitoring.


Maximize Your Data

Ingest large datasets automatically to re-evaluate for risk on a recurring basis and keep up with regulatory changes with no disruption to the customer.

Increase Efficiency

Use context to to identify and prioritize true risk and make your investigative processes more efficient.

Make More Accurate Decisions

Gain a holistic view and continuously uncover hidden connections to make more informed and accurate decisions throughout the customer journey – from onboarding and beyond.

Scale with Seamless Integration

Augment and enhance in-house capabilities with open architecture that integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise environments.

The Shift to Perpetual KYC (pKYC) with Context

The need for Contextual Decision Intelligence in event-driven regulatory reviews is a desired future state for KYC. Advancing your KYC operations from periodic to event-triggered reviews will provide you with the competitive edge to manage evolving customer risk and stay ahead of the volume and velocity of data related to KYC policies and processes.

Add context and automate KYC processes
for a continuous and complete understanding of customers
with the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform.


Low-Code Data Fusion

Use Quantexa Fusion to rapidly accelerate complex data onboarding with no-code, scalable, high performance data preparation and ingestion – and no complex ETL.

Graph Analytics

Create a dynamic view of the bigger picture, automatically compiling the most relevant and hidden connections, entities, and data for a specific decision.

Dynamic Entity Resolution

Connect internal and external data to create a single, complete view. Ingest once and resolve dynamically in real-time or in batch, for any number of use cases, without duplication.

Scoring & Alerting Frameworks

Generate more meaningful alerts with context for investigators based on scoring models that run in real-time, resulting in less false positives and faster, trusted decisions.

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