Quantexa Recognized as a Technology Standout in xCelent AML Transaction Monitoring Report

Celent has recognized Quantexa for its standout technology in the 2023 xCelent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Transaction Monitoring (TM) Report.

The report credits Quantexa for “pioneering the use of entity resolution […] to power granular, deep network analysis to support the forensic investigation of financial crimes.”

Learn how Quantexa's Decision Intelligence Platform can surface risk insights with enriched network analyses of associated accounts and automate much of the investigative process.

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Transform Monitoring With Context

Quantexa's Decision Intelligence Platform allows customer and counterparty activities to be continuously assessed in real time and scored for AML risk, providing advanced insights for more accurate and trusted decisions. Contextual Monitoring improves the accuracy and effectiveness of risk detection, reduces false positives, and enables more targeted investigations.



Integrate any source at scale to build a trusted data foundation with multi-source data ingestion, scalable data preparation, and assured data quality.


Create Context

Activate your data, reveal relationships and insights, create stronger models using entity resolution, graph analytics, and machine learning models.


Decide & Act

Augment and automate decision making for actionable insights with scoring and alerting, data exploration, and dedicated decisioning.

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Quantexa connects internal and external data sources to transform monitoring beyond a single transaction to a context-driven approach for more accurate monitoring and informed investigations.